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Dra. Maria Evagorou.

Título: Promoting scientific practices in the post-covid era, responsible citizenship and the relevance of science

Resumen: A major aim of recent science education reform documents is for students to engage in core scientific practices as a means to facilitate better understanding of the processes of science and the aspects of doing science. The year 2020 provided many challenges, but also the opportunity to examine whether our educational systems were successful in preparing citizens who were equipped with the necessary competencies that could help them understand the relevance of science and act in a responsible way. Issues like COVID-19 that are affecting the society in multiple ways require citizens who can put in practice their scientific competencies and appreciate science in making decisions in their everyday lives. Have we been successful as science educators in preparing our students to act as responsible citizens? The purpose of this talk is to highlight scientific practices and competencies that are associated with responsible citizenship, to provide examples highlighting ways to promote scientific practices and responsible citizenship, discuss COVID-19 as an opportunity for science education, and and propose future directions for our field.